IGF Sri Lanka 2017 Process

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Call for MSG Nominations till 25th Feb 2017

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YIGF Meeting (Online)


YIGF Committee forming


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Sub Themes

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Main Theme

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What is IG?

Just a one Definition

"Internet Governance" is a broad term used in many different contexts, applying to activities as diverse as coordination of technical standards, operation of critical infrastructure, development, regulation, and legislation, among others. Internet governance is not restricted to the activities of governments. Many different types of stakeholders have a role in defining and carrying out Internet governance activities and the Internet Society has always been an active leader in such discussions.


In 2003, global attention turned to the notion of Internet governance with the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) held in Geneva in 2003 and Tunis in 2005. The Internet Society has been fully engaged in the Internet Governance debate since the very beginning, as a firm advocate of the open Internet model, based on bottom-up and collaborative policy and standards development processes, involving all stakeholders.

Future of IG

The internet has been a principal contributor to evolution and growth in the global economy over the past decades. It continues to have the potential to propel societies, help business leaders develop innovative business models, and help governments address legitimate policy concerns related to a networked future as long as the essential integrity of the digital ecosystem remains intact.

IGF Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Internet Governance Forum (Sri Lankan IGF) attempted to bring people together from various stakeholder groups as equals, in discussions on public policy issues relating to the Internet.

Call for nominations for Mutistakeholder Steering Group.

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IGF Sri Lanka 2017

With warm wishes for a happy and happening 2017 IGF Sri Lanka started moving again. To make the IGF Sri Lanka 2017 a success we humbly request your assistance.
This year schedule is as follows.
Program Timeline:

Date ActivityAction
Jan 2 Open for Joining to Organizing Committee
Jan 2 - Jan 15Open call for themes & sub-themes
Jan 16 - Jan 31Accepting Presentations, Workshops, Proposals, and Booths
Feb 1 - Feb 28Finalizing Logistics
Feb 15Evaluation - Finalized program release
Feb 18Registration for the IGF Sri Lanka 2017 (Fellowships)

Please be kind enough to share these information openly to any interested parties. You can post your nominations, suggestions via the given links. You ca suggests any member to the IGF Sri Lanka 2017 group as well as unsubscribe if required.

Some interesting Facts( Representation % )




Civil Society





Policy issues discussed in Sri Lankan IGF 2016

  • Next Billionth User and Sri Lankan Contribution
  • Safer Internet
  • Freedom of Expression and Responsibility.

IGF Sri lanka 2016 Agenda

Few memories from 2016